The Gladiolus

The name for this flower is derived from the Greek word gladius, meaning sword so it's no wonder that another common name for this flower is also sword lily. Although the flower is more commonly referred to it's plural name of gladioli. A member of the Iridaceae which is a group of cormous flowering plants that bloom annually. The gladiolus is the birth flower for August and is also known for being the fortieth wedding anniversary gift.

This is an intermediate course!

This course is best for students that have some knowledge of the way paper reacts when cutting and shaping. You will learn how to create deep ruffles, use acrylic paints to add detail, and use fine crepe paper to create a seamless leaf to smooth stem method.

Example Curriculum

This course is closed for enrollment.

Add Height to your Arrangements!

The gladiolus is the perfect flower for adding height to any arrangement. It's tall nature and fluffy blooms is the perfect touch of texture to any arrangement. Great for garden style bridal bouquets, more traditional one sided arrangements, and avant garde style arrangements.