Tools + Materials

  • Lia Griffith Extra Fine Crepe Paper in either white, pink, purple. Her English Garden pack sold by Paper Flower Supplies is perfect! We prefer Lia Griffith's extra fine paper for this flower because of the stretch but doublette may be substituted as well.
  • Green crepe paper (English Garden pack has some)
  • Bright yellow crepe paper (any will do)
  • Green tea crepe paper or any yellow-green fine crepe paper (I will be using Lia Griffith's)
  • 32 gauge stems (22 or 26 will work fine as well)
  • 18 or 16 gauge stems
  • Sharp scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Floral tape
  • Model Magic
  • Yellow and Green acrylic paint, or yellow-green paint
  • Yellow-green pan pastel

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