Monthly Scheduling and what to expect

Welcome to the Paper Flower Academy!

Here is what you can expect as a member!

Each month we will dive deep into the study of two flowers.

  • On the First of the month two new paper flower courses will be announced via email and social media
  • The two new paper flower courses will be released on the 10th and 20th of each month
  • Your instructors each month will be Johanna Oliver and Janita Court
  • Before the flower courses are released we will share supply lists and any paper coloring techniques that will be used in the course to speed up the process and have you ready for release day
  • Anytime access via email or on social media to both instructors for questions
  • All monthly members have access to a coupon code for 30% all previously released courses

You also get a library full of over 25 flower courses for as long as you’re a member! Dig right in to flowers like the Phalaenopsis Orchid, Ranunculus, Bells of Ireland, and much, much more!

A little Q&A for good measure!

Q: Do I get to keep the flower courses?

A: Yes and No. Yes you get to keep the new flower courses that come out each month for each month that you are a current member. (Even if you cancel) And No, all of the courses that are bundled with the Paper Flower Academy including the Phalaenopsis orchid, Ranunculus, Bells of Ireland, etc. These will only be available for as long as you are a member.

Q: Do I have to pay extra for the flower course each month?

A: Nope! Your $20 a month membership fee covers all that you will learn during the month you have paid for!! Never pay more for the monthly courses that are released for the Paper Flower Academy. If there are extra courses released during the month, members will have the option to sign up with a special coupon code specifically for members. But the two flowers released during the month are paid for by your membership fee.

Q: Do I have to be a part of the private Facebook group?

A: You sure don’t! You will receive the paper flower course and all other information such as the history, and complimentary projects in the main flower course for that month. The private facebook group is a great place to make new friends and share what you’ve created but it’s not necessary. We also have a new community that is on the platform Circle. This new platform allows us to connect and grow together without all of the noise that is on other social media platforms because it is just us!

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